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Hardwell – Encoded Official Music Video

A few weeks ago, Hardwell 's "Encoded" was released right after the success of Tiesto & Hardwell 's "Zero 76". Based on the teaser, which already gained 300.000 views on YouTube in the first month, the Official music video is now among us! Dutch talent Hardwell returned to the solitary state of producing, with 'Encoded' as the official follow-up to the floor-sweeping 'Asteroid', 'Molotov', 'Voyage and 'Alright 2010.

Encoded released on Hardwell 's very own Revealed Recordings stayed high up in the top ten of Beatport's progressive house chart for weeks and is about to take over the charts worldwide! We already predicted that this track was set for big moments on the floor and today's reality tells us that Encoded has become everybody's peak time record of the moment!

The official video was shot during several of Hardwell 's live performances and will give you goose bumps for sure. It really represents Hardwell 's energy in its full glory. And with Encoded's Powerful synths, bulky beats and playful feel-goodness everything comes together in the video of this progressive house anthem.

Out Now on Beatport and iTunes !!

http://www.youtube.com/v/NeY_KBZX_P8&feature=player_embedded%26hl=en%26fs=1%26rel=0%26ap=%2526fmt=18 " type="application/x-shockwave-flash">


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